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The prime figured glass establishment in the middle east found in 2007 with varieties of product patterns and colors with tempered quality can be classified as an example local and export activities are formed adequately.

  • Cairo glass has been found since 2007 as Investment Company with authorized.
  • Capital of 450,000,000 L.E and paid capital of 300,000,000 L.
  • The idea of patterned glass factory establishment has been created by Mr.Siag, Mr. Saber, and Mr. Gouda the main shareholders of Cairo glass manufacturing co.
  • We have developed the plant design utilizing all the engineering code of practice and intentional standard.



We have 2 production lines:

The first production line is for clear patterned glass with capacity of 120 Ton/day.

Is running with full capacity since 2007.

The second production line is for colored patterned glass, also with   capacity of 120Ton/day and it has started in’ April 2014.

We produce many patterns (clear and colored) such as: Delta, Nashiji, karatachi, H-cross. Bee Hive, flora, May flower. Cubes, Mistlite, bamboo, golden fish, master care, crazy, Versace, croizette, chinchilla in addition to wired glass, Except wired glass, all mentioned designs can be produced in different thickness (3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6.8, 10)mm, with a variety range of size as (2,14*1.22), (2,14*1.50), (2,14*1,60), (2.50*2.00), (2.44*1,83), and (2.52*187)m, Design contempt future 120 Ton/day capacity of adequate production under further development.

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